I think he did it on purpose.

Evening update. We are well. The males of the house are snoring. I’m settled in at the mini office. Somebody is sleeping in front of the refridgerating device.

I’ve been sitting here for I suppose too long now. I was focusing on anything I suppose. My coffee mug is empty. My tea cup is clean and waiting to be used… and Young Master Duke is blocking the fridge.

I mean, he is adorable. He’s sweet, and a pupper doodle of the highest order. However, I won’t disturb him to grab the milk. I don’t want to drink my tea. now.

Sighs. I will be weeping into my tea for awhile now. Gentle hugs my friends. -L


Holy smokes.

Morning all, the usual pleasantries, and all that.

I’ve been fascinated for the last hour by a Vietnamese language video on YouTube. This person is a genius! I’ve learned more by watching them than I have reading books or watching English videos on needlework.

Talk about phenomenal stitchery. This person can take thread, and make it look like lavendar petals are coming right out of the fabric. I’ve watched them make daisies, roses and all manner of things. I’m floored.

Now, what does that have to do with the price of tea on Diagonal Alley? Not too much. This person hasn’t spoken a word, but the language of craft is loud and clear. I don’t need a long winded explanation of what to do. I need to see their hands, their fabric, and their thread.

I’ve been watching something called ‘flosstube’ and have been disappointed. Yes, I do stash enhancement posts here. However, I don’t want to see an hour-long video on all the bullsheet somebody bought I want to see what they do with them.

These ‘show and tell’ videos drive me up a wall and down again. It takes me back to 3rd grade. Shudder. Kinda like that old joke where the words “Isn’t that nice, dear.” are code for who gives a flying flip.

Unboxing videos are another thing that drives me batty. It’s a variation of the show and tell again. If I want to know what some company shipped you, I would buy the product for myself. Let me see how the tools are used.

Maybe that’s why I got into the camping videos so much when I started camping again. I wanted to see and learn how to do the thing, not what the tent seams looked like. I feel like Johnny Five sometimes, give me “INPUT”. I know, I am grateful for those who do produce content. I want the meat and potatoes though.

Perhaps that is why I never got into making videos as much. It is important to know which tools to use, but if I don’t know how to do something, or even why to do it, how in the hell am I going to do the thing the tool is meant for? If a body wants to impress me, show me.

A bit of a rant today, but it is what it is. If you are interested in the creator I’m watching it is happyjasu. They have at present 193 videos on youtube, and lovely embroidery work.

Take care my friends, gentle distance hugs. -L