More chores from the drafts pile.

Hello again, and good morning all. Hope you are well. Young Master Duke and my beloved are conspiring against. me. Again. I swear, they make the arbitrary decision to do jumping jacks on my sanity.

What have they been up to? My beloved lets Young Master Duke out when he gets up for the morning. Sometimes, I hear them, and it wakes me up. It happens. Sometimes, him letting Duke back into the house wakes me, or when Duke jumps back into bed with me does. None of these things are the problem.

The problem lies when Duke and I wake up for the day. He has been let out, back in, and given treats by my beloved within the hour. Duke snuggles up to me, and I get up after morning cuddle kisses. I go to let Duke outside, and my beloved lets me know that Young Master Duke has been out.


Then the fellas both decide to sneak into bed when I am working at the desk. Both of them, at the same time. Together. I don’t hear it, because I have been working on something, or I am gaming, or writing. I am almost always listening to something, or that hyperfocus crap is happening. I go to light a smoke, and damn it. Have to head to the garage.

Then there is the whole food situation. When Young Master Duke got sick awhile back, I cut him off of people food completely. It’s not his fault we are too stupid and over feed him. I go into the kitchen, and lo and behold, my beloved has fed him the equivalent of a 4 coarse meal. The dishes are still where he left them.

That said, I have to clean up the kitchen this afternoon again. It’s a good day to run the vacuum and wipe down the cupboards etc… The boy’s conspiracy has me doing twice the work.

I used to go ‘on strike’ for this. However, since the back surgery, my beloved can’t take up these extra chores anymore. Sighs.