Doggy perogatives

Morning all, hope you are well. We are behaving today, a little bit.

Young Master Duke isn’t one for toys around here. Other dogs we have had never got past the toy stage, and over time our floor became home to many many squeakies and ropes and such. We didn’t mind.

It’s like Duke knew, when he adopted me, that I couldn’t handle lots of mess on the floor. So, he complied. We tried the toy thing with him, and he just wasn’t into it.

Duke got the title Young Master Duke, when he started helping me to sit up from bed. There was a point where I would have to half fall out of bed to get up. One day, he started positioning himself so that his weight was enough for me to use as a stop and I could sit up.

This resulted of course in many puppy snuggle kissing moments.

He also started laying directly behind my back, his back to mine. His extra warmth helped to keep the rust out of my joints, and I was able to start stretching, reaching behind me on that side to give belly rubs. Now, unless I am really tired, I can’t sleep without his comforting presence.

Then there is the neck thing. Laying on my right side really hurts. However, I need to do that to prevent sores. He will lay behind me with his head on my neck snuggling until the lightning from the turn stops. He helps on those days too.

Then there was the day I was scared witless. We have a human in our family who is actively using. One day they popped into our back yard without warning. Young Master Duke voiced his displeasure at the interruption of our afternoon, and lunged. I think he not only saved us from getting ripped off again, but also me from troubles.

So, Young Master Duke is definitely a blessing, and a savior. He gives me affection when my husband can’t/won’t. Some days, he brings the only joy in a day. His perogative, is to be a being of pure love and support. It’s a good thing.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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