A difference.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is napping, and we survived the night.

Diabetes is an evil rat bastard. I found myself in a reaction not once but twice last night. During a reaction, I zone out. Then I start sweatting and get dizzy. Soon enough, I pass out if not treated.

That said, with the dizzy comes nausea and other issues. The solution to a reaction is to eat and drink sweet things. The problem, that nausea. Yesterday’s rearrange in the kitchen ended up a blessing. Having the wheelchair in there, made a reaction situation much easier to deal with.

I wasn’t fighting pain, nausea and dizzy at the same time. Granted, the nausea was evil, and yet… I survived the night.

2 things I use for rapid survival mode. Tang Breakfast Drink, and a similar one from Welches. I can drink those until I am able to eat. It’s quick sugar, not a long acting carbohydrate, but it buys me enough time to get something in me.

That’s about it. I know, a little gruesome this morning. But the thing is, without the kitchen change yesterday, I probably wouldn’t have been able to deal with this on my own.

Why doesn’t the Hubs help me? He never has with the diabetes. He still thinks it’s a myth or a lie I perpetuate. Oh well. Life gets teejus. -L


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