2nd Verse, Same as the first

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are in the garage. There is construction going on in the neighborhood, and I’m a grumbly wretch. The trees are now almost completely naked.

It’s a stark contrast to a week or two ago. The ground is still foaming with dried leaves. However, we are the neighbors that nobody wants. We let them naturally decay. We also mow them under in the spring, and use them to fertilize the yard.

This morning, I had started the day normally. However, was yeeted out to the garage whilst in the middle of a damned blog post. My beloved went to lay down. Duke decided he wanted to go outside. So, here we are. I abandoned the post, as at this exact moment, I’m still too grumbly to pick it back up.

Now we have ambulance sirens going on top of the sounds of the heavy machinery from construction. Our neighbor across the way has a little flower pinwheel in their yard, which is busy swirling around. The red bush in their yard is being investigated by a squirrel family. Young Master Duke is surveying it all. His job is to ultimately protect me. Yet, for him, sitting out front is the doggy version of expanded satellite tv.

Now we take a short break for watering the garbage bin, as he as made the decision to check the North side of the house. He also wants to check out the patio. As it is too cold for me to sit out there without some woolies, I will let him. I do have a couple of afghans covering me, and he has a little bed with a blanket.

The loud Beep Beep Beep of a vehicle reversing is incessant. Not even looking out the garage door at the branches of the trees is helping settle me. That’s my normal seratonin boost. I can watch the branches, and even the squirrels. Sometimes the birds come to visit. Normally that settles me directly from any disorder of the brain.

This morning though, since it has started against my will in the garage… I’m not into it. I think it is time for a lovely cuppa tea. Stay safe my friends, huge huggage. -L


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