Yawn, stretch.

Morning, have popped my neck, and have done the morning stretch. I’d love to have a chiropractor move in and just take over my ligaments and joints. Oh well.

Have been behaving. My Husband, I learned, was doing the crawl in bed to drive me out of my gourd on purpose. Sighs. Seriously. Serious.y my Dude… Yep. I’m down to one headset that works. When I charge it, I have to use the speakers that are naturally inherant on the devices.

Welp, he don’t like that. So, knowing me, that I would shut things off or move. He was just crawling into bed. There’s a reason my hobbies involves stabbing things with needles repeatedly.

So, that’s where we are at. I can’t move into the garage, because there isn’t enough room or heat. He is going out of his way to drive me out of my tree. I’m determined to not let him do so. That said, I am tired.

That’s about it. I’m going to crawl back to bed, after I stab some fabric for about an hour. Take care my friends. -L


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