The embroidery thing

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is in the garage, and I am about to head there myself.

2 years ago, I was gifted an embroidery kit. I didn’t embroider, but set it amongst the stash. Welp, that gift is biting me in the tail today.

I set aside a little time in the afternoon to work on stitchery. The proceedure is simple. I boil water and have a cuppa tea while I work. It could be any fiber art. Knitting is not my first love. I can’t believe I typed that, but it is true.

Over time, I have made shawls, afghans, bags, clothes and many other items. Yet this stupid embroidery thing is catching me and whacking me upside the head.

I’ve learned that I hate using hoops or stands with a passion. I treat it like any other hand sewing project. It is small, and I can take it anywhere without bulky skeins around me. Most kits come with everything I need to do the project.

So, it is time to dig through the crap in a large box in the stash. I don’t want to do so, but it is time. The purge is ongoing, and before I spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a newer obsession. I need to take an inventory of what I have in stock.

So, that’s the goal today. After, of course, I work on the current project. You see, my beloved is in bed again. Chuckle. Take care my friends. Stay naughty. -L


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