Mini oranges, and the cold weather is back

Hello all, good morning. I hope you are all well. Young Master Duke and my beloved have been conspiring against me again. Sighs. It is what it is.

Soon enough those demonic little black bugs from the bowels of the devils rear end will die a horrible death. Those and the lady bug looking beetles have invaded as the harvest are invading town. A person can’t go outside without being attacked.

I hate the demonic little pests. I really do. They are the main thing that makes the fall time of year a misery for me. Otherwise, this is my favorite time of year, and I am generally happy.

With the last grocery order, I asked for mini oranges. Tiny little oranges that are sweet enough to almost make a body’s teeth hurt. Yummy citrus, sticky on the hands and the keyboard. Heck they are the perfect snack.

The cold weather being back works though. I’m enjoying the return of the sitching hour, and I can sit in the recliner and stitch while listening to podcasts.

My podcast listening runs a weird cycle. This time of year, it’s the spooky stuff and the solving of murders. Other times, it’s things like archaeology and science. It gets a little complicated.

That said, I suppose I better get back to work. The dishwasher needs running, and my beloved is on chores strike again. Sighs.

Take care my friends, this is a short check in today. Hugs. -L


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