Old Crime shows and doggy business.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is in the driveway, watching the neighborhood. I’m in the recliner, listening to an old show, and my beloved is cooking.

May the gods banish pasta from our home. Please. It doesn’t need to be boiled for 40 minutes, I swear. I mean seriously, who does that? Okay, I will let up on the pasta debacle, for now.

Back when I was a teenager, and we were living in town, we had cable tv. A&E used to have these crime shows that were fascinating. One of them was City Confidential. The narrator’s voice was perfect. The writers covered crimes throughout the US, and the locals told the story.

I’ve recently found the show again, as well as a few others. Sadly, this gem had only one season. A&E soon discovered ‘reality tv’. The History channel became a joke, and the world went to heck in a handbasket.

The good news, is that those good shows are still around, you just need to search a bit for them.

In other news, it’s supposed to be another lovely fall day today. I’m looking forward to it. We have the airconditioner covered now, and the lawn mower has been stored for winter. The burning ban is making things a little hard, but I wouldn’t want to start a fire right now with a half a billion leaves out here.

Newsflash! The Akita from acrossed the road stopped by to visit. Their folks had them off the leash, and I grabbed Duke and pulled him back. Duke was enamored, and wanted to play. Cody was enamored, and wanted to play. I suspect Cody is a little boy. A young dog, probably in their first year.

After Cody’s folks came to retrieve them, Duke spent the next 20 minutes sniffing every leaf that Young Cody had wee’d on and or walked through. As the family left, the Young one whined to come back and say hi. Duke whined to say hi again. Now, they are whining at each other to visit. Sighs.

I suppose that it is going to be like that from now on. Poor Puppy peoples. Poor Poor whining howling puppy peoples. -L


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