Ghost Pepper Whopper

Hello all, today I had to take the car to the vet, and ended up in a drivethru well, 2 drivethrus.

It looks like we won’t need tires, we got her winter ready. She didn’t get a Scooby-Doo snack for good behavior though we did get her tank filled up at the kwiktrip later.

In the first drive-thru, I had a lovely coffee. It was rich, hot, delicious, and made me intensely happy. This was my reward for surviving over an hour in a public place waiting for the car to get done. I had brought some stichery with me, and sat quietly for awhile.

The 2nd, because I was very hungry, and wanted to go watch the lake for awhile. I had orignally planned to have a fish sandwhich at BK. However, the Ghost Pepper Whopper intrigued me. Okay, it sang the song of my people, and I had to have one.

Back when I drank, I would have a jar of jalapenos to myself. I’d learned that this was hereditary, as my father had done the same before me. Hot peppers are my jam, especially as the capaicin helps with reducing pain.

So, when I arrived at the lake and opened my sandwhich, I thought that the great pumpkin had invaded my car. Black seeds, bacon, cheese, and meat. I couldn’t smell the peppers.

It was a good sandwhich, but… it didn’t have the kick of ghost peppers. It was tingly at best. Keep in mind, that I’m a flame head, I love horseradish, hot peppers and hot sauces. Your mileage may vary.

I will say that the sandwich was tasty, just not as hot as I had hoped it would be. Which reminds me, I use Louisiana hotsauce like ketchup. I’m almost out. I’m thinking of ordering some Carolina Reaper and a few other goodies from the next grocery order.

Take care my friends. I hope you are well. Hugs, -L


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