Goodbye fall leaves

Good Morning, Young Master Duke and I are settled into the garage office, and the wind is so bad that I have the garage door closed.

The high for today is about 36 F which is just above freezing. I’m not happy about the change in weather, but it is what it is. So far, it’s the progression of life.

Something weird is happening though. I’m writing this on a Monday afternoon. I have a load of laundry running. I made coffee for my beloved. I have dirty dishes ready to be cleaned in the dishwasher, and have the garbage ready to go to the curb in a few.

This is that whole adulting thing, isn’t it.

Being a responsible adult is coming in fits and bursts. Sometimes, my body has to say no, but others, like today, I can get some work actually done. Of course, I take breaks, but then again who doesn’t.

It’s unsettling. Here I am, in the first week of my 50th year, and I am behaving. I’m not even breaking out in hives. I know, I’m joking. However it’s the truth. I fought being an adult for the past 30 years. This is when a line from the book Alcoholics Anonymous is coming back to haunt me. “And we have ceased fighting anything and anyone, even alcohol.”

I’ve stopped fighting adulthood. Watching even the greeen leaves fall off of the lilac bush out front here, and the trees looking even more bare each day is the natural progression of things. My starting to act like an adult, granted, 30 years a bit late, is also natural. I won’t grieve my childhood, I need to accept that this is what happens.

Take care my friends, I’m going to refill my tea cup. Take care, please. -L


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