I need a beer

Morning all, it’s just after 3, and Young Master Duke and I have come in from the cold. I have an icy A&W Zero Sugar Root beer that I’m about to crack open.

I don’t normally drink carbonated beverages, but hey it helps with the insanity that runs through my brain. It’s one of the rare non-caffeinated beverages of choice, and my husband will occasionally sneak one.

When I am overwhelmed or stressed, my goto is an ice cold rootbeer. On days when I have a little pocket money, I will stop at a gas station and buy a 1 liter Dad’s rootbeer. Those are my favorite, but I can’t afford them very often. No-name rootbeer doesn’t come in sugar free options around here, so… an icy cold A&W for the win.

Progress is being made on the garage. I’m able to load a dumpster every week. Recycling goes out every other week. Here’s what I am clearing out so far.

You know when the Voldemort virus hit, we started getting more and more things shipped. Welp, my beloved kept every freaking box. I started to cut them down and send them out when I could, but unless I physically cut the boxes into small pieces… they are still in the garage. That is all of the boxes since 2020.

Then there are the things that got triplicated when I was moving back and forth to the farm. Or the things that I have thrown away 4 times, but mysteriously ended up in the garage, and not in the dumpster where I put them.

Hmm. See a pattern? I’m not. Meanwhile, I’m taking advantage of the fact that my beloved can’t do much physically yet. I’m pitching what I can, as appropriately as I can, and fast as I freaking can. Do you know of anyone who has room in a huge arsed dumpster? I’m kidding… almost.

The purge is upon me, and slowly, ever slowly, the crap is getting out.

Take care my friends, boxes do not bring me joy. Though if that Kondo person goes after the yarn stash or the book stash, we will have wordage. Hugs, -L


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