Pain day

Morning all, the weather is changing again. Body says Ufda. Young Master Duke is out in the driveway watching for the night critters. I am in the recliner in the garage with the big door open.

I’m wrapped like a baby in a buggy. Hoodie, sweats, blankets, and shawls have me bundled and warm. It’s comfortable enough. I am just waiting for the almighty powers of Midol to kick the pain’s arse right round.

I can often be found out here with a cuppa, and a smoke. Most times I will have some stitchery with me. Why do I have a recliner in the garage?

Well, when the living room had to be the craft room, dungeon, office and bedroom… there was no room for other furniture in there. I come out here when my legs need to be out stretched.

There’s no heating, currently the temps are in the 20’s Fahrenheit. I am okay though. Soon enough I will have as much room as I can get in here to move the crafting dungeon. Eventually, the goal is to have the whole office out here. The big problem is electronics hate the cold.

So, I will have to run a space heater when I am out here in winter, and haul the gear in when I return to the house.

Slowly, it will get done.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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