The garden of an unsettled mind.

Good evening all, Young Master Duke is currently recovering from a stomach bug, so I’m keeping a close eye on him. My beloved is having his coffee, and I’m curled up in my favorite hoodie and sweatpants.

I was goofing around on tiktok tonight, and a video had me digging through the blog stats. I’m deep into the writer hashtag over there, and have been snagging ideas left and right like a madwoman.

This video asked for a comment on my current wip. They wanted to know how many words I’ve written, what genre it is in, and how many words I hope to have at the end. Welp, I dug through the stats.

Since the blog was hatched, I’ve written over 284k words. 106k of those words have been written this year. For genre, I picked, the garden of an unsettled mind, simply because that is what this blog is. And I had to leave the last question blank. I have no clue how many words I hope to accomplish in here at the end.

I realized, staring at those totals, that I am actually a writer. It’s what I have always wanted to be. I have always wanted to be published, and to have people read what I have to write about.

I’ve always wanted to share what is in my heart and in my brain, and to make change in the world. I also wanted to be an archaeologist, and a truck driver. Looks like this trucking school dropout who never went to college is an okay human to be around.

Take care my beloved sweet friends, Thank You. You help me so very much. !Hugs -L


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