The tea skirmish

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke has settled into bed for a nap. My beloved is watching a show. I have some lovely Earl Grey Hot beside me.

As I am selfish, and I happen to love tea, I have been playing with the online cart. Davidson’s has quite a few bulk teas. Tea has been my beverage of choice this fall, and I thought I would look online. It’s much cheaper for me to buy in bulk, and much cheaper to order online.

I do ‘want’ to shop locally, but when a pound of tea online is 14, and locally over 50… Not going to happen. It would be a bitter drink indeed. The ‘local tax’ is just way too high right now. Especially right now. So, my mail carrier who is my hero, gets to deliver the goodness.

Speaking of my mail carrier. I met them the other day ago. Young Master Duke and I were sitting in the garage. The carrier delivered a package for my beloved. He’d pulled into the driveway. I motioned the ‘1 second’ finger, and shut the garage door quick. When the door was down, and Duke was controlled, I apologized and said I wanted to protect you, to the carrier. He was grateful.

My dog is a weapon, teeth on one end, poop on the other. I do not want to inflict him on others unless absolutely necessary.

Back to the beverage of choice. My beloved will often make me tea. I enjoy this hot steamy goodness with zeal. However, um… He throws the bag in the cup, and zaps it in the microwave….

Take care my friends. Stay saner than I am, please. -L


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