He wants to move

My husband wants to move. Hopefully to a state where weed is legal.

Oh boy. Red flags all over the place,  and 9 ways to Sunday. It’s not the weed that is flipping my gourd either.

It is the move. The cheapest way to do it is to sell everything but some clothes, camping gear and Duke and go in the vehicle we have.

I do not think that is a good idea. He would lose the home he grew up in. He would lose the town he has lived in most of his life. He would lose everything he recognizes and loves other than Duke and I, including his medical team.

There are other ways and means to do it, all bad. We can’t afford to do it. We both are on disability,  we both have medical conditions. Being diabetic, it would most likely result in horrible problems.

Then there is the whole, um I would have to do all of the work thing. Oh hell no. I’m currently waiting to clear the covid so I can go back to physical therapy. I want to reduce my pain, and I want to regain functionality.

Packing, cleaning and moving it all. Unpacking it, if we find a place, and the rest? Or, living out of a van/rv together?


Yes, when he passes I want to hit the road. However, there is no way both of us would live long and prosper if we were stuck in a vehicle together.  Even if the vehicle was an rv, I do not see this as a positive thing. For example, I have a rotator cuff injury. I can not imagine balancing a vehicle to park it, let alone loading it and unloading.

Also, if there were vehicle problems, we would be homeless for a significant period of time. We would have to live in a hotel/rat trap, with a dog who hates humans. Also, Duke’s veterinary needs…

I’d end up wearing orange, with 3 hots and a cot. I look like sheet in orange. I really really look like sheet in orange. To quote my favorite cousin. “Oh dear.”

Stay sane my friends. -L


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