EDC upgrades, or not.

Morning all, hope you are well.

I have been watching quite a few videos on YouTube. My interests run towards tools and camping. They also run towards making in any form.

I watch everything from the Crochet Crowd to Adam Savage’s tested. I watch Morgan Donner and Bernadette Banner. Yet I ran into a snag.

A snag? Yep. I fell in love with a Leatherman Wave from watching a certain creator. I ran to Amazon, and dumped one in the cart. I then went for accessories, and all the goodness that goes with it.

Then, late last night, I made a horrible realization. The cart total was 300 dollars. 300 freaking dollars.

Not within my budget, by any stretch of the imagination. I then said to myself. You know, the person that uses that Leatherman is a millionaire. You are not a millionaire.

You don’t need a hundred dollar pliers. You don’t need a 45 dollar case. You don’t need the extra crap that goes with it.

You have a multi-tool. You have a case, and knives. You even have all the things that you would have bought.

I emptied my cart. I took a look again, at the things I have. I was excited to buy all of the tools I have. I was so happy to own each and everything I have.

Just because I saw someone play with those things doesn’t mean that the stuff I have isn’t useful or good. It just means that they can use those tools and afford them.

That’s it. Just because my knitting needles are not rainbow colored, or my multi-tool was bought from Harbor freight or Walmart, does not negate the value or use I have for them.

So, it is what it is. I have the tools I do, and I am happy with them.

Hugs, my friends, take care. -L


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