A post from the phone.

Morning all, I am impatiently waiting for my beloved to get out of bed. Okay. I can’t sit at my desk while he is asleep.

I can’t access my gear, because he needs rest. I can not go to grab my keyboard because it will disturb him.

Dirty words inserted here for your entertainment.

He is out of pain medication. Covid and his back surgery are kicking his arse. So, if he is resting, there is no way I want to disturb him.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the proximity to the coffee pot. I am also enjoying the quick access to bathroom and garage.

I just want him to feel better. Meanwhile, my stitchery is all by the desk. As are all of my paper books. I think Duke and I are going to sit out and watch the leaves fall again.

Hugs, stay silly my friends, enjoy. -L


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