The garage post

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are out in the garage working. Okay, he is guarding me against falling leaves. Of course, the amount of protection I need depends on how many treats I have, he may be guarding the treats.

Gratuitout doggy butt in the bottom right corner.

My job is to protect him from any hapless humans who plan to stop by. It evens out a bit.

My beloved watched me head to the microwave, start some water heating for tea. He then saw me let Young Master Duke out, and head to the necessary. He didn’t start my coffee this morning, and I don’t blame him. The season is changing, and pain sucks.

I filled my hogwarts mug with instant, and headed to the garage. I no longer smoke in the house. I’ve made this change for my mental health. I don’t know what studies have been done, but my mental is much better when I can see birds and leaves, or snow and squirrels.

Soon enough, there will be snow on the ground. In the meantime, I have a lovely view of the falling leaves.

Yes, I bring my stitching out here, and sit in the recliner to work. It’s all good. Take care my friends. It’s time for me to read a few chapters of the Name of the Rose, and have another cuppa. Hugs -L


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