Afternoon tea

This is my last week of being 49 years old. I have been thinking too much lately. The hubs and I argued a little as well.

I am in the kitchen, and a cup of jasmine tea is steaming beside me. This year, I bought myself a tea pot and mug set. It was quite adorable, and I am happy with it.

My beloved Duke is being adorable. He’s pacing a little but is mostly grazing for anything I may have dropped while cooking my snack.

I made myself some double crunchy toast today, and I may have dropped some crusts. Whoops. I do like crusts on my toast, but you know… whoops.

I just let him out for a potty break while I write. I have the door open, and the afternoon sun is gorgeous through the trees. The trees are all fiery and pretty. The leaves on the ground make the crispy crunchy noise when you walk on them.

It is the perfect time of year for either cider or tea, sweaters and a bon fire.

I think that’s what I need tonight. A little bonus fire, some cider, and a sweater on the yard. Take care my friends.

Medical footnote: We still have the crud.


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