Exactly as advertised

Thank God for vaccines. I can say that.

Morning all, the Hubs is resting, the dishwasher is running, Duke is outside, and I am whiny.

I woke, headed to the necessary, and then let Duke out. I checked the dishwasher. The Hubs had told me if I would fill it and empty it, he would run it. I ran the dishwasher. If he doesn’t wake up, then I will empty it, rinse and repeat. It’s been a couple of days.

I am awaiting another grocery delivery. Also Amazon delivery as well. More tens equipment is arriving today. Yes, the tens machine does what it is supposed to do. It fries the nerves so that the pain receptors in my hody don’t go apesheet. I like that. I run it per the directions, and then take a break.

The ice/heat pad is here as well. Sadly, it doesn’t last long as either an ice pack or heating pad, but it does provide a little relief. I plan on microwaving the thing, and putting it on a wet hand towel over my shoulders later.

On the grocery order is more midol generic version. That crap works! It’s the best pain reliever for my condition I have found so far. I take it per the label directions. I just wish it would keep working after 6 hours. It doesn’t have the cliff drop off that most other pain meds I have taken do. It also doesn’t have the side effects of making me more stupid.

Sighs. I wish more things were like that.

Meanwhile, my O2 sats are good. I’m still producing copious amounts of mucous and other products, and I am alive. I still have a cough. We are still having coughing battles. It’s a thing. Oh, and the thing that is exactly as advertised? The covid.

Thank God for vaccines. Hugs my friends. Take care. -L


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