Keeping up hope

Morning all, it’s been one of those days. Hubsy is going stir crazy. he finally took the test, and confirmed what we already knew. We both have the virus.

The problem, is that we are still ourselves. That doesn’t change. We still have the same bodies, the same brains, and still live where we do. Yet there is something we can rely on.

Yes, stir crazy is a thing. We are stuck in the house, and can not leave. We are stuck together, and some days, we don’t even like ourselves. Yet, there is a small amount of that thing.

That hope is so damned important. It’s part of the reason religion works. It’s also part of the reason I’m sitting here with electrodes zapping my right shoulder at the moment. It’s hope.

I have hopes that my shoulder will get better. He has hopes that his back will get better, that’s why he had a surgery.

We keep on, no matter what. Though today, amongst the deep end thoughts… He wants to move to a state where weed is legal, and take up weed smoking.

There are days I’d jump on it. However, to do it, we would have to sell this house, sell all the things, and get an rv or a van to live in. We are going stir crazy stuck in this house together.

I’m sitting here, wondering how much more insanity we can come up with. Take care my friends, stay crazy. -L


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