Like a rushing race horse

Morning all, the boys are sleeping. I’m up and watching Tudor Farm or something like that. I’ve drunk enough coffee and tea that I would hope that I can stay awake for a little bit.

One thing I have noticed, is that the more hot beverages I have, the better I feel. So, I’m in the necessary, a little bit more than usual.

That said, the tens machine and the heating pad will be here today. The virus put a hold on my going to PT. This was not good. Finances put a hold on my getting the tens machine and such until I got paid. So, it’s life.

We get our disability checks at the beginning of the month. My bank allows me to draw on that 4 business days earlier, so I can purchase things at the end of the month. It is part of the reason I go with the bank I do. This way, we can get groceries and such to tide us over until my husband’s check comes.

There are months where beans and rice are my diet the last week of the month. I admit, it is not fun, but there is a blessing. If I am not eating certain foods, my belly is happier. It does freak my beloved out, but then again, I enjoy freaking my husband out.

It’s the small joys.

Meanwhile, I have to fly. The necessary is calling again, and I’m afraid it is a collect call. Expensive if I miss it. Take care my friends. -L


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