Afternoon Tea

Morning all, Young Master Duke is outside fertilizing that which he deems necessary. My beloved is having breakfast, and I’m having a lovely cuppa. “Earl Grey hot.”

My headset is currently charging, so I’m just enjoying the moment. Okay, so I am taking a break. The book shelf on the back of my desk rotates on what I place there. It depends on what I am studying, and whether or not I want to try to conquer the Canterbury Tales again.

Yes, in 2022, I believe that Chaucer needs to be conquered. So, dictionaries at hand, I do read the tales.

For some reason, I have a smart watch. Okay, the real reason is that I have fallen one too many times. If I can’t get up, and my phone clatters away from my grasp, I need to be able to call for help.

One of the ‘complications’ of my watch is a timer. I use it for many things. I set a timer when I am studying. That way my brain doesn’t get overwhelmed. I set a timer when I let Young Master Duke out. In inclement weather, I want to make sure he doesn’t get frost bit.

I set the timer when my Husband says “I need to lay down for 30 minutes.” I don’t set it for 30 minutes, of course, I set it for an hour, but he is fine.

However, my favorite use of that watch, and that timer, is for the 3 minute steep on my Twinings Earl Grey Hot.

Take care my friends. Huge hugs, please be gentle with yourselves. -L


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