Hysterically inspired

Morning all, I’m settled in with the sniffles and a cuppa. Hope you are well. The lovely young fellas are sleeping, and of course, I can’t make it happen.

I fell down a history rabbit hole tonight. I started watching Tony Robinson walk down paths throughout his homeland. I’m not sure whether to call it Britain? England? I know he ended up in Wales, Cornwall and Scotland. I think I watched/listened for over 5 hours.

The next video to come up was a history of the Vikings. It was a bit bloody. Okay, as I type this, a quote from the video… “Vikings lived in a time of blood.”

So yeah. I ended up researching pre-viking age clothing. There’s not much in the archaeological record for that. I’m talking pre-700’s Norther European clothing. It’s time to start stitching my winter wardrobe, and I’m interested in this period.

I need something that is warm, will work with the wheelchair, and is light enough that it doesn’t restrict or bind my body painfully. These garments will not be historical, by anymeans, and in fact will probably be hysterical.

Considering that most days I tap dance barefoot on shards of madness, I think hysterical is more apt.

I doubt I will be sewing much until the shoulder heals quite a bit. Especially with the right arm being numb from about t-shirt sleeve downwards. However, I want to get something done. I may resort to just using a sewing machine and saying chuck it.

Nobody is going to be looking at my seams, and I am not a reinactor. I do not attend Renfairs, as the public at large gives me the skeevies.

I’m thinking on what to do for fabric for the top layer. It might be cheapest to get surplus wool blankets on my next trip to town. We will see what happens. I want the underclothes done first. I also, as layering cotton is actually quite warm, am willing to wait on that for quite awhile.

Most of these clothes will be worn exclusively at home. I am not enamored with the idea of being around humanity right now. One thing I have noticed is that the more physical pain I am in, the less I am willing to be around others.

At this rate, I may end up as a hermit in a tent in the wilds of Minnesota somewhere. Wait, that’s a camping trip.

Sighs. I try to not go too manic on the blog. Please at least chuckle at the mayhem.

Take care my friends. If I actually am able to get the stitchery done, I will have someone take pictures.

Hugs, -L


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