Morning all, I have rested, and am alive. Young Master Duke is angling to go outside, and yet I want to write to you lovely folks first.

Physical therapy is ongoing. Yes, it is rotator cuff injury, that is compounded because it is the 2nd time on this shoulder. There is a pinched whatsit as well. Sigh. I now have an amazon cart full of strange toys like a tens machine, and an many batteries and pads.

Do I need those specific items? Hmm. Not really. However, I may as well get them and see if my quality of life improves.

Meanwhile, I have a pupper who wants to go potty, and I am going to sit out with him and have a smoke or two. I’m quite whiny. I’m going to grab a paperback and bring it along for the ride.

Take care my friends. Hugs.


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