Late night update

Hello all, it’s been one of those days. Spent about half of it in bed, and I’m about to crawl in.

First off, have started studying the literature again. However, imposter syndrome is a bitch. I don’t normally cuss on here, but drat, it’s horrible.

You know how, when you run into somebody, they can encourage you to doubt every decision you have ever made? Yep, that happened. This has been one hell of a brain day. I know, addict brain is an evil rat bugger who needs to be taken out to the back 40 and put out of my misery.

I figure with the stress from the Hubs’ surgery, the fact that I’m going to ftf meetings exclusively again, and all the other crapola that is going on, addict brain is taking advantage.



I’m going to try to catch a few zz’s. I have a post scheduled for the morning already. Hugs my friends. Take care. -L


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