Camp cookware for the win

Morning all, I’ve got the chores mostly done, and am back at the desk. Young Master Duke is outside enjoying the fresh air, especially since there is no-one on the football field. We live for times like these.

Last night, when my beloved went ot lay down, I headed into the kitchen for the duration. He needs quiet, and can’t hear my speaker playing podcasts from the bed. It’s a win-win.

I loaded the dishwasher, and set the recycling for the garage. I decided to use up some of the older eggs in the fridge, so I was going to boil some. I tried finding the right sized pan in the cupboard, but just couldn’t. I didn’t want o wake my beloved up. I really didn’t want to wake him up.

So, I grabbed one of the most recent additions to my camping tools. It’s a pan set that is for a small family. I do have hopes of cooking out on the patio with my husband this fall. He bought it for me as a Thank You. I dug it out, and boom, the perfect pan.

I boiled up the eggs, and he woke up just as I was peeling my happy snackage. It’s all good. A little garlic salt,and a little black pepper, and I’m a happy woman.

I still have work to do this morning, and I just got the notification of a video from one of my favorite youtubers. So, I’m going to grab a hot cuppa, and enjoy my friend’s latest video. Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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