They bullied my dog

Morning all, it’s a cool morning, and fall is in the air. Young Master Duke is not traumatized, but I am.

You see, Monday afternoon, I snuck out to the garage for about 20 minutes. Young Master Duke was out back, and I just needed some recliner time. I was about to stitch for a few, and I heard deep barking. Not Duke barking. I hadn’t been paying attention, to be honest, and then Duke replied.

I thought wtf? The football team was practicing in the field across the creek. The were running laps. The football team was barking at my dog.

I was going to go through the house and grab him, and the little heifers did it again.

I admit, I lost my sheet. While I am a heavy smoker, I do have a deeper voice that carries. I let them know that not only there is a dog in the neighborhood, but there is a bitch as well.

The world can f me over, I expect it. I accept medical gaslighting. I accept being treated like crap because I am in a wheelchair. I accept that because I am an addict, life will suck forever.

I do not accept some mindless children bullying my dog. Needless to say, Duke will not be allowed out when they are practicing again. That’s my responsibility. However, I personally want to take them all out to the back 40 for a documented discussion.

I won’t. However, I am sorely tempted.



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