One moment in time

Morning all, it’s been a lovely day so far. Um… sorta. We are doing the best we can with what we have been given.

This afternoon, I’m going to pick up a grocery order. I’m going to enjoy the escape for a few minutes. I think if I can swing it, I will get to meeting tomorrow.

My beloved… let’s just say while the surgery went well, he is still the man I married. I didn’t kiss a frog and have him turn into a Prince of the Realm. I’m currently using every skill I learned in both Alanon and in therapy to not dent a cast-iron skillet over his head.

BRB, I really need another cup of coffee. Hang on a second. I’m gonna lurk.


You would think that I would know better. I swear. Coffee has been grabbed, Young Master Duke has been let inside and given treats… And a 20 minute discussion on the role of the Monarchy in a foreign country and the line of who is gonna sit on the throne later….

Living with a person in constant pain is hard. When that person’s motherboard doesn’t all light up it is harder. When some of the connections on that motherboard are corroded…

I promise, I have not used my cast iron to knock any sense into anyone. I swear, I have never harmed anyone with a skillet upside the head.

My friends, it’s a frustrating time. He has pain meds, and they are jacking his brain nine ways to Sunday. Please bear with me in the meantime. Hugs. -L


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