Morning, let’s grab a cuppa together. Smoke em if you got em.

It’s been an interesting couple of days. I am wrapped up in a lava lava, and my sweetheart is growling again. He’s starting to feel the pain from the surgery. Sighs. I was hoping he would be more comfortable yet today. I know he is going to need time to heal.

Wednesday was mostly confusion and pain. Once we got home, I crashed, after letting Duke out and in. Driving home was a beast, as I was long out of spoons.

I am so grateful to the staff that took care of my husband.

These are random thoughts today, I’m still overwhelmed.

On my side of the vehicle, I made it to my Dr. Was recommended to do a walkin at orthopedic. While my husband was being operated on, I was spoken to and xrayed 9 ways to sunday.

I am thinking that I will be glowing in the dark for awhile. Also, I was touched and inspected by more people than I have physically spoken to in over a couple of years. Sighs.

Meanwhile, to confess. I was the horrible driver cutting people off Wednesday. I was so distracted and rattled, my license should be given back to the folks at cracker jack.

Take care my friends, take care. -L


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