We are on our way

Morning all, hope you are well. When this posts, I will be sitting in the surgical tower parking lot with snot running down my nose. My belovedwith be making his way upstairs, and I will be inventing not just new swear words, but new methods of swearing.

It’s one of those things. Let’s go back in time a little. One Sunday, my beloved came up with 30 new crisis about surgery day. It’s supposed to be hot. It’s supposed to be this. This is happening, that is happening. You need to do this, and you must do that.


My personal micromanager got all kinds of bullshit into his thick skull about what’s going to happen while he is under the knife. Not to him, mind you, but to Young Master Duke and I.

After I returned from getting the groceries on Sunday, he flipped his gourd. Well, I flipped mine too. It was obvious at that point that nothing I was going to be doing over the next 4 days was going to be proper in any way, shape or form. FFS.

I didn’t flip the table over, but I did beller right back at him.

Combo plate service here: Mansplaining, with OCD, and the fact that I would be completely unsupervised in the town I was born in. I know humans who live in that specific community. Sheet, I’m related to them. And that’s the crux of the problem.

He was worried I’d run into some of my more potent family. I wasn’t. I know what parts of town to avoid. I know by knowing them where to not hang out. Heck, I didn’t even really have plans to be within 15 miles of most of them.

So, my Mister was worried about me. I get it. I really do. How to reassure a man who worries about everything that I would be okay? I am going with plan A actually. What plan A is, I will write about in a future post. I will be just fine.

I suppose I better send this off, and get busy. I have a vehicle to clean out and um supplies to load into the beastie. Hugs my friends. Oh, and Walmart has kids fishing kits if you are interested. I just need to find a river and wet a line. I have my license. Take care my friends. I will update you tomorrow on how he did. Hugs, -L


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