Um, too much coffee.

Morning all, hope you are well. I think I am on my 3rd pot of coffee today. Considering we have those tiny 5 cuppa pots, this is a thing, but not as huge as it could be.

All summer, I was drinking 1 liter iced coffees. Usually, I would have a blended drink, but would use much more crystals of instant than is called for. Whoops. I’m on the 3rd pot of hot coffee, and I’m not feeling it.

Sighs. I think I have been od on coffee and just not noticing. Add in the fact that I use midol now for pain, with caffeine in it…

I’m not quite hearing colors and smelling sounds. Yet.

Thought I would give you a giggle. We are okay. My husband makes the coffee, and he makes it really weak compared to when I make it.

In other news, rice is back in my diet. I’ve been missing it, and he complains or scorches it when he makes it. I make it, cook it low and slow, and have it available to eat. Much more gut friendly instead of bread, noodles or other things.

That’s about it for now. We are under 48 hours till his surgery at the time this post goes live. So, I am pre-writing posts again.

Take care my friends. I will be back to almost live posting soon. Hugs. -L


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