Hello all, another rare evening post here. We are busy prepping for his surgery, and I’m going off the deep end. I am not alone in this, but nonetheless, it is a thing.

My beloved woke up twitchy again. Sighs. I ended up in front of his desk flipping him off. He had been ranting quite loudly, and about nonsense again. I could have growled, I could have screamed. It would not have been warranted. He wanted that reaction, something so that I would go ballistic.

This is normal behavior for him. Right before he heads in for surgery or something big, he picks a fight. It’s what it is. I’m not playing.

Meanwhile, the new go bag is here. I’ve been organizing it, and have been looking for some of the extras I purchased over the past few years. The goal is to build an EDC that when I am stuck Wednesday, I will be set up.

Meanwhile, Young Master Duke is outside. I’m drowning out my Husband’s maunderings with “The Martian” by Andy Weir, and life is good. Also, I need to get the garbage bin to the curb.

Take care my friends, this is one of the longest weeks. We will see how it goes. -L


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