Years of mispent youth

Morning all. it’s a lovely morning so far. Young Master Duke is being the sweetest of puppers. The Hubs is sound asleep, and I have the house blissfully to myself.

This is why I love the wee hours of the day when the fellas are sound asleep. I am not surrounded by noise, let alone.

Yet, this morning, I have Hillary Huber talking into my headset. I’m listening to Friday, by R. A. Heinlein. It’s one of my favorite books. I’m one of those sick buggers that when I adopt an author or a book as my favorite, I can listen or read the book over and over again.

Although, I feel like I am cheating on Irving Finkel. Sighs. I’ve been listening to 2 of his books over the last couple of days. One is on Sumerian Ghosts, and the other is about Noah’s Ark.

Another auther that gives me happy moments is Andy Weir. Okay, I like arseholes, just look at my personal dating history. Arseholes the lot of them. Yet, when the main character is an arsehole, I have to read on repeat.

Many many years of reading has been spent really devouring a book in just this manner. Lawrence Sanders is another author that holy crap keeps me riveted. He writes like I think sometimes. Sadly, several of my favorite authors have long since put down their pen.


On that note, I better get back to mischief and mayhem. Take care my friends. -L


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