Camping Prep

Morning all, am going through my gear this morning, getting ready to set up for the surgery trip. I let my Husband know that I’ll be camping while he is having his surgery. So, I’m getting the gear set up.

My biggest concern with this trip is Young Master Duke. He is getting elderly, and we need to keep him comfortable. So, I have to run his dishes through the dishwasher before we head out. I also need to have a bag of his food and his favorite treats. Then again, there’s the protecting others. He does not like humans. So, his muzzle will travel. I also will have waste bags to pick up his poo. There’s no reason on earth for leaving his stool behind us.

Next is medical. I am insulin dependent. Meaning I have to have a cooler prepped to keep the insulin from baking while we are gone. It is vital to my survival. So, I stack coolers inside each other. I won’t be carrying fresh food, but at least the insulin should be safe.

I have the tent ready, tarps, and such. I have ridge lines and such. I have fire making materials, and the cooking implements. I have insect repellent, and even a fan/light combo. I need to raid the battery stash though, and make sure that my external chargers are fully charged.

For food, I’m going exceptionally simple. I will have a can opener, and will be doing soups and such. I’ll also be packing ramen as a just in case. Instant coffee will save other’s lives, as a caffeine deprived brain in my body is not a good thing. Lastly, is my sleeping bag, pillow, and Sherbert.

My Husband’s surgery is in just over a week. I have to clean out the car, fill the 6 gallon water jug, charge the pump for it, and get the car loaded. I’m planning on camping because 60 miles back and forth would suck majorly. That said, I’ve picked out my camping location, and later today I will pay for a 3 day stay. Just in case, if I don’t use it for the full 3 days, that’s fine. It’s still cheaper than driving back and forth.

Now for the Hospital. I am diabetic. I will not be in the hospital waiting for him. I have a persistent smoker’s cough, and there’s no way I will be dragging that into a medical facility. Besides, Hospitals are the best places to catch a bug. I don’t think so. I will have my phone on me, and will be near enough that I can be there within 20 minutes.

So, we are almost ready. The car is filled with fuel. I have some chores to do. Life is still okay.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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