Adding to the lexicon

Morning all, Young Master Duke and I are planning a snuggle pile in a few minutes. Thought I would check in for a few.

From the sounds from the kitchen, my beloved is working on his latest masterpiece. Sighs. It has macaroni in it. Please, grant me peace. The gorge is rising again.

Oh well, life gets tejious.

I’ve been relaxing at the computer for a bit. I still use my old laptop, because it has Canasta on it. It also has some word games that I dearly love. It’s a good way to spend an hour without doom scrolling through tiktok or the rest. I’m enjoying a quiet morning without headphones on.

Okay, I’m really enjoying a quiet morning without headphones on. I’ve changed a few things that I do around here. I only watch tiktok when I am stuck in the necessary. I’m one of those instant half hour in the restroom, just add milk.

Sighs. It’ll be okay. Though, I swear, he adds milk just to mess with me.

Meanwhile, life is still okay. We are still in the cease fire, and I’m hoping a friend will stop by before too long for a visit. By the way, speaking of tiktok, the words “Secret Voupies” have entered the lexicon of my world. I double dog dare you to do a search. The cuteness is beyond compare.

Hugs my friends, will catch up with you after a few. There’s a snuggle pile waiting for me. -L


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