Rare, but it happens… usually after the 3rd full moon of the month.

Morning all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke is still outside singing the song of his people.. and so is my Husband. He’s at the Dining Room table talking to himself again. I’m rolling with it, hey it could be worse.

I woke up in low pain this morning. I didn’t have to run like a madwoman to the necessary, and I’m spooked. I mean, I know, my Happiest of Holidays is not too far away, but you know, I’m spooked. It’s like the fabric of the universe has torn, and the crows have all landed on the roof spooked.

In fact, Duke and I sat on the edge of the bed for about half an hour and had a snuggle start of the day.

Then the other shoe dropped. I let Duke out, and headed to the coffee maker to begin my heart pumping. My beloved made coffee, but it was already getting cold. So, I popped a cuppa in the microwave and headed to the necessary.

I came back to 1/8 of a cuppa in the cup, and a flood in the microwave. Then the swear words came out. I cleaned up the mess, and made my coffee an iced coffee instead of a hot coffee. I headed to the desk and just sat down in mourning.

I mean, a cup of coffee I didn’t have to make is now soaked up in paper towels.

It’s horrible, and the world is ending. Please join me in a moment of silence. I’m not sure that I can continue this day.



Hope you have a good one. -L