Dual addicted

Morning all, the fellas are napping… yada yada. All is well. I’ve got a podcast in my ears, and a cherry lemonade next to me.

I just lost a couple of hours. Totally gone, hours that I will never get back. I’m sitting here in shock. I grabbed a bite to eat, and it was good. My body though, decided that it wasn’t sure about that.

I never know whether or not my body is going to reject something, and so I sat down with tiktok. Next thing I know, I was getting the author posts about writing again. I looked up, and crap. 2 hours.

What did I do? What have I done? I don’t know. My body is still making the decision on whether or not I will be punished for the next duration. I need to get up and do the dishes, and the world is…

Sighs. I suppose I better go load the dishwasher, and lurk near the restroom. Have a good one folks. Have a good one. -L

P.S. YouTube does this to me as well. I am doomed.


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