Change it up some.

Morning all, I’m inside for awhile, enjoying the airconditioning. My beloved is asleep, and Young Master Duke is on the bed, snoring.

Young Master Duke, posing in all his fuzzy glory.

I figured as often as I talk about Himself, a dog tax was a requirement.

We are currently hiding from flies. He and I sat outside for a few hours on the patio. The flies, emboldened by recent rains swarmed and took over the universe. The pestilence was just awful. Thankfully, my sacred cuppa was finished before they found us.

I’ve started smoking exclusively either in the garage or outside. Young Master Duke prefers to stalk the neighbors, and I prefer watching the squirrels in their antics.

Okay, I used to people watch, but I don’t want to be “That creepy neighbor” so, I watch the critters.

If the flies hadn’t attacked, we’d be out there still. This also means that I write without my smokes for the most part. This is a huge change.

My beloved complains that the smell of menthol cigarettes drives him nuts. I’ve been a menthol smoker like my Mum before me for most of my life. So, in a nod to his serenity, I made the change. This does work though, because I’m slowly switching out the crap in the garage, and making it my office/dungeon.

It’s change. I’ve learned with my husband that major change quickly sets off his brain, and he just panics. Small changes over time are easier for him.

So, I’m working on it. Besides. I don’t think I’m going to get the desk out there until spring. Sighs.

Meanwhile, perhaps you will see more pics of our adventures in garage life. I hope so. Take care my friends. Be well.-L


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