Um, James Hoffman has corrupted me.

Morning all, my apologies, but online media has been my bread and butter for entertainment for years and years. I watch quite a bit of Youtube. Somehow, my caffeine addled brain fell into a rabbit hole of watching James Hoffman make coffee.

This man slurps his coffee. I mean seriously slurps his coffee, and tests out so many methods for making the beverage that I’ve lost track. Now that the weather is starting a cooling trend overnights, I’ve switched from my beloved iced coffee back to brewing the stuff.

I’m an old stovetop percolater drinker when I am on my own. If my beloved and I weren’t together, I could easily get by with a wee camp stove if needs must, my coffee perc, and make my daily dose. When I camp, it’s either cowboy coffee or percolated all the way.

When I drink iced coffee, I am more than contented to drink instant in a dalgona inspired mess. A coffee snob, I am not. I do play with syrups on occasion, but really, even Lutheran coffee is good.

So, what does watching a British Master Brewer have to do with my preferred sludge of choice?

Many many moons ago, I had an espresso machine. I ground my beans. I did all of the things… Back when I worked and drove 120 miles round trip for a living, I made sure the one true beverage was choice…

Recently, I’ve been playing with my iced coffee recipe. I’ve been looking at some of the methods of making coffee. I’ve even drooled over getting a pour over system, or an aeropress.

Sighs. Our budget simply won’t allow it. But an old fat woman in a wheelchair can dream, can’t she? Meanwhile, I’m going to be digging through the camping totes. It’s cool enough at night to start making camping stove coffee again. Yes, it is with pre-ground store bought generic coffee. You do you boo.

Hugs my friends, life is always still good. Even on the worst of days. -L