Getting my butt kicked by tiktok

Morning all, Young Master Duke is asleep again taking over the bed. My beloved Husband is watching something on his tablet. I am up from a nap, the pain levels have been escalating with the recent storms that went through the area.

We sat  out in the garage during a hail storm. It was actually quite fascinating to watch. We made out okay, and a little bunny hid from the storm under my vehicle.

I listened to podcasts and smoked during the storm. I also played Monopoly and sent a text or 30 back and forth with my husband. He has been escalating mentally. There’s nothing I can do about it, except refuse certain of his less than stellar ideas.

I’ve been following some of my favorite indie authors on tiktok, and holy crap, I’m getting my tail kicked. There’s more than one who remind me to get back into the office and write! Oy, you mean I can’t sit and wait and do absolutely nothing but feel self pity?

Yep, get my arse back into the office and write. The oone that hit me the most was she was posting from her hospital bed. So, I have no excuse. I will write. I’m working on building a catalog of posts so that I can take a couple of days off while my beloved is down from his next surgery. So, dates, times and weather won’t exactly match again. Please understand.

Take care my friends, if you can’t find me right away, I’ll be in the office, writing. -L


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