The garage

Morning all, Young Master Duke is bugging my Husband for some of his breakfast. I’m still working on recharging keyboards, and life is okay.

Why am I still recharging keyboards? Because I get distracted, and leave them on the charger longer than I probably should. Then I forget. I’m on the last one.

A couple of weeks back, I had a multiple spoons available day, and moved the recliner out of the dungeon into the garage. I’m finding that Young Master Duke and I spend much more time out there now than we have in a couple years.

I just don’t have the room in the office for both the wheelchair and the recliner. I need rolling room for the chair.

That said, I’ve been slowly, very slowly clearing some things out of the garage. I’ve also been working on moving things out there. Maybe by next summer this project will be done. We have a ramp in the garage to the main house. I use it for wheelchair transport to the driveway.

Yet the best part about this, is I can sit out there on cooler nights with a blanket, some stitching and a book, and relax. My shoulders sometimes go a little stupid when I lean back, and my arms will do the whole lightning thing… but it is worth it. I can have my lower back supported, and rest.

I bring the tablet out and listen to books, or podcasts, and just take it easy. This makes me so happy.

So, over the winter, I’m still planning to sit out there, and enjoy. I mean, I can snuggle up with a book, inside a sleeping bag with my legs up. It’s a good thing.

Hugs my friends, take care. -L


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