I recharged my batteries today

Hello all, hope you are well. It’s about 5 PM, and I am having my first coffee of the day.

Yesterday, I’d had enough and shaved my head again. I have a heck of a time taking care of my hair, and I just would rather go bald than deal with it. I do miss my long hair, but my arms have a heck of a time reaching up multiple times per day for maintanence and upkeep. So, I said to myself, screw it.

I was typing away yesterday when the keyboard do jour went a little nutso. I have probably 7 or 8 keyboards, and I rotate them so that I can just keep going, but when the 2nd keyboard didn’t want to play, I knew crap. I need a recharge day.

I probably do this about 2-3 times per year. I grab all the keyboards, and put them out of commission. I either change their batteries, or I pop them on the charger for a few hours. Keyboards being just that, an input device, don’t need to charge that often. A couple of these keyboards did service on my old iPad Pro, the first of the line.

They still work, and the main problem I run into is in the device, and not the keyboards. I do have a couple of keyboard cases that over the years have increased the rotation of keyboards. It works. My favorite brand is the zagg universal. It clicks just enough and has a press down enough that I know I have typed.

The newer ones, with silicon keys, are too squishy. I don’t like them dude. Just yuck. I make so many spelling errors, and they just don’t make me a happy clam in mud.

Since this is my journal, I sometimes sit and wish I had every journal since childhood in here. However, I also have in the past resorted to burning, shredding or destroying my journals. This began in my childhood as well.

My step-mother delighted in mental torture. She would read my writing, and give me hell or beating over what I wrote. Needless to say, I figured out how to write in code to escape her psychotic behaviors. I destroyed those journals, and she couldn’t use them as a weapon anymore.

When I moved out, roommates made this a necessity, and even at points in my marriages, it was important.

Now, I publish my journal directly online. It means that my daily recharge of batteries happens where you can read them.

On days when I produced ‘canned posts’ it’s all still diary content, I just take advantage of lower pain days, and write more essays, or journal content than others.

What about my offline journal? Actually, it is in the cloud. I have one note for that, and enjoy writing in there, and often pre-writing my blog posts in there.

I’ve recently become friends on social media with a few authors. They are helping to realize that I’m a writer, not just a diary maker. I produce content, via the written word, that you can read at your leisure. Therefore, I am a writer. I belong.

That said, writing is how I recharge my personal batteries. It doesn’t take as long as a cell phone to recharge, but it is enough to keep me going. Thank You for coming along on the journey. Hugs my friends. -L


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