Nap time snuggles

Hello all, hope you are well. Young Master Duke reminded me to sit and write for a few. So, here we are.

I’m the napping queen, and very few days go by without a nice one. I know, you are jealous. Chuckle. It’s sometimes about the only way to recharge my batteries. Today is unusually cool for August. We could shut the a/c off and open all of the windows. However, that would drive my beloved husband out of his mind.

This is our option on cooler days when the a/c is just not necessary.

Back to the naps. Earlier, I just couldn’t get warm to save my tail. I knew that once the shivering started, my pain levels would go through the roof, so I settled down for a nap with Duke and Sherbert. At first Duke laid by my legs, but I still couldn’t get warm. He then came up into my arms, and was willing to be the inside spoon. His body heat was enough to help me reset my own body temperature. He only moved once I needed to turn over.

Needless to say, Young Master Duke is my hero. His other trick is to lay over my lower back when I’m turned to the other side. He adds just enough pressure to help me relax, but also just enough warmth to comfort me.

Duke is truly the master of naps.

Hope you have a lovely day. Duke and I are going to relax for awhile more outside. Take care. -L