3 books, that live on my desk.

Morning all, thanks to the joys of midol, I’m back at the desk again. I’m very carefully rationing these things, because a bottle of 40 is quite expensive, even in the generic form I purchased yesterday.

I’m working on some stitchery, and have some crap or waste yarn projects on the hooks and needles. I am also working on some smaller projects for sewing, just hand work for now. These are things that don’t have a major pattern involved, and that on pain days, I can leave just sit.

However, it’s time to deal with my library again. I’m currently working on reorganizing my book shelves on the desk. I have many dead tree books, most of which are under the bed. I realized that there are a few books that no matter what I do always live at hand. I thought I’d write about them today.

I’m sick of talking about chronic pain, and the difficulties of living in a wheelchair. Let’s just agree that it isn’t fun.

My favorite book of all time: is a complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Other Stories by Conan Doyle. This is one of the few books I have purchased brand new, and I love curling up with it and my favorite stuffed animal in a chair. I have a cuppa at my side, and Young Master Duke guards us as cigarette smoke wafts in the air overhead. We sit in the garage in the recliner with this book, and holy crap… Sighs.

The next is The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco. Wow, just wow. One of the rare books I was tickled to find out was a book after seeing the movie. It has monks, murder, lust, poison and a library labyrinth. This book is a delicious fall night read that takes me to the monastary, it has me living in those times, smelling the blood and the smoke. It’s just phenomenal.

The third, well, it’s a bit older. It’s the Canterbury Tales, by Chaucer. This is a modernized version from the 1930’s of course. However, I fell in love with Chaucer in High School. “This lovely May then did her straight way hold, with all her women, unto Damian. Down by his bed she sat, and so began to comfort him with kindly word and glance.” Wow….

There are other books in my library, that rotate in and out. However these three are old friends. They bring me comfort, and peace. If that Kondo woman ever approached me, these 3 books would leave my cold dead hands.

Other books, which should be here, but are waiting to be discovered in thrift stores… Shakepeare. Yes, I’m an Anglophile, get over it. I also want Edgar Allan Poe. Then there are the authors from my childhood, Shel Silverstien and Beatrix Potter. Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, and others. And lastly, R A Heinlein.

Some of these authors grace my digital shelves of course, both in audiobook and ebook, but the smell of a paper book. The covers, the inclusions. (Ever have a favorite book mark?) All those things, make a paper book more real than the Velveteen Rabbit.

That my friends, makes my little library a treasure hoard to behold.

Take care my friends, I’ll write again soon. -L