It’s time to go camping again soon.

Morning all, while I am in a pain crap storm, I’m planning a camping trip. I’m keeping an eye out on the weather, and as soon as the forecast says cooler nights, I’m going to head out.

Yes, I’m in the wheelchair. However, I’m going stir crazy stuck in the house. I think that my Husband is too. However, he won’t be going with me. This trip is going to be in my private backyard camping spot.

We have the woodburner set up, so I can run that if needed. however my little stove will do. I’m going to not run electric, and will rely on batteries. As for shelter, I just need to run a ridge line for the tarps, and set up my tent. I also need to dig out some of the tarps and see which need the most repairs.

Sadly, I won’t be fishing again this trip. I want to go, but I would have to get the license and buy new gear. When I moved off the farm, I lost my fishing pole and such. I just don’t want to approach my beloved younger sibling and ask for it back. Okay, I’d rather eat worms than ask for that gear back. I still have resentments involved with those 30 acres.

Meanwhile, I know, I’m in a pain crap storm. However, I have to have something to look forward to. I want to have something that will give me hope, and get me out of the house.

Meanwhile, hope is a good thing. Take care my friends. -L


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