Wheelchair mods

Hello all, hope you are well. We are okay. I’m sitting here reading for a bit before the day gets started. I thought I’d bring up a few of the mods I use on my wheelchair. I do not provide links to the items, because so many of them I have had for years and years, and I’m not into the blogiverse to sell you all the crap available in the world.

My chair is a drive medical 22 inch. I moded the wheels right away. I swapped them out from the ‘nursing home’ wheels for ones that work both inside and outside. Then I put some artwork on the back. This was to make certain that my chair is completely unique.

Next was the add ons. I have clamps that make it so that if I am stuck in the sun, I can add an umbrella for shade. Then I added a cup or ashtray holder. Two of these mods are available for bikes, and just make sense. The umbrella thing is from camp chairs.

I added a gel cushion, and have a diaper bag that works to hold onto the push bars in back. I chose a diaper bag because it is sturdier, and where diaper bags are designed to hang from strollers, work on the push bars.

Mods I rejected: I did not add those little arm rest bags. My hips are big, and those stupid things just don’t fit. I got rid of the foot rests. I use my legs just as much as my arms to get around. I don’t have a tray table. They are designed for wheelchairs with full arm rests.

I rarely use the umbrella mod. I’m rarely outside where I don’t have a tent or tarp overhead for more than a few minutes.

Okay, now let’s talk about my wheelchair EDC.

  • Water bottles, filled at home. I have several stainless steel water bottles, and the little sachets to flavor them.
  • Incontinence padding and necessities.
  • Snacks, I am diabetic, and a low blood sugar is dangerous.
  • My tablets and stylus, with a couple of power banks, and cordage.
  • Tiny projects for knit or crochet or cross stitch. (Ever been stuck waiting in a Dr’s office for more than 20 minutes?)
  • Leggings and a tunic. (Rolled up in a 1 Q ziplock bag.)
  • Cross body purse, with cell phone, keys and mini wallet.

This is not a complete list, but it is close. I load the diaper bag in the van first, along with my purse. I then open the back door of the vehicle, and sit on the floor of the van with my legs over the edge. I adjust the chair for loading. I remove any accessories that would prevent loading.

I then go to the driver’s seat with my cane that I keep in the vehicle. I tip the chair at an angle, front wheels on the floor of the vehicle, and use it as a lever to roll the chair into the vehicle.

Finally, I adjust the chair, strapping it if necessary, and proceed to get in and buckle in myself.

Note: I removed the seats from our vehicle, and got rid of them years ago. I have a Chrysler Town N Country. The back doors are sliders, and thus make it really easy to enter and leave the car this way.

Why do I call it a car? Sheet, it’s basically a car height vehicle I can easily enter and leave.

That’s about it for now. Take care my friends. -L


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