Almost done

Morning all, the fellers are doing well enough. We are about a month out from my husband’s next surgery. I’ve settled down with some knitting this morning, and am enjoying my coffee.

I need to invest more time in craft, and less time in gaming. It’s just that sometimes gaming takes most of my focus, and crafting, well not so much. Currently on the needles is something I’m doing one minute videos on tiktok to make. It’s a simple triangular shawl. Nothing that requires thought, and certainly nothing that requires effort. I can listen to podcasts and work on this.

Current favorite podcast? Forensic Files II. It takes the audio from past episodes of the series, and presents it. Another favorite is Cast On by Brenda Dayne. I have a few others, such as my favorite murder that I like, and Casefile.

I have been working on restoring an afghan for a few months. I’m almost done with it. I was going to put a backing on it, but with the pain, I can’t get that part finished. I need to clean up where I started sewing a backing on it, and then get it in the mail.

Other than that, I’ve taken some advil and some tylenol. I’m hoping to stay ahead of the pain just enough to finish that project and get the short bit of stitching I need done today.

Please take care, -L


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