We are okay

Morning all. Hope you are well. Young Master Duke is at my side, and he wants his snawgle time. Thought I’d let you know about our day.

Woke just after 12:30 pm, and had missed the better part of the noon meeting already. The Hubs was talking to himself again, and the body was extremely grumpy.

I made it to the necessary and to the coffee maker, but didn’t grab coffee. I couldn’t life the coffee maker. I wandered to my desk and sat down for a bit. My body just couldn’t cooperate. After about half an hour, I made it back to the kitchen, and just heated a cuppa in the microwave. Instant coffee for the win.

I ended up scrolling most of the afternoon. I actually wrote about 4 blog posts, but ended up letting them sit in drafts. Words just weren’t working, and I couldn’t make them make sense. I ended up just laying down and watching videos for a few hours.

By evening, Duke and I sat outside to watch the firefly swarms. However, we couldn’t sit out there for too long.

I came in a doom scrolled weird websites for the rest of the day. What is doom scrolling? Just flipping through sites until my brain goes numb.

That brings us to now. I’ve just taken some more OTC pain meds, and am about to take some hemp oil so I can lay down for a few. I hope you have a lovely evening. Take care my friends. -L